Saturday, December 12, 2009

There's a lot of hot air in here

Am I the dumbest asshole that ever walked the planet or is it most everyone else? Do the majority of the people you know actually believe in global warming? I am guessing they don't spend too much of their time in the northeastern part of the U.S. because if they did they wouldn't feel none too fucking warm most of the time.

Anyone else notice that it isn't even called global warming anymore? No, the figurers who do all the figuring figured they would have an easier sell if they changed 'global warming' to 'climate change'. I don't buy into any of it but it seems extraordinarily weak to me. If you really believe the planet is heating up and you really believe it is because of mankind then stick to your convictions and say so. I think they started calling it climate change to counter people like me who argue that warming and cooling trends are part of the planets natural cycle and that neither is more dominant or prevalent than the other. In other words, it gives them an answer no matter what and it makes their argument seem infallible.

Last week or thereabouts it was revealed that e-mails had been stolen from a scientist who supports the argument of global warming. Those e-mails suggest that more than a little of the information about climate change was exaggerated if not outright false. The main stream media immediately went into action as did a few senators but it was not to talk about the audacity of scientists who would make something up to fool the public. No, they decided it would be better for their public image to lay the blame on the person who stole the e-mails in the first place. Of course this was after all these same media outlets ignored the story and didn't have anything to say until Jon Stewart of all people broke the story on his editorial style comedy show. That's sad. Basically, the rest of the media was embarrassed into saying something because otherwise it would like they missed the story or just didn't want to report the news. It's funny how those news groups have gone from reporting the news to reporting what they want to report and then only with their specific slant on it.

It's sad that these people can't accept defeat when they are not supposed to be trying ti win anything. They are only supposed to be reporting the news as it happens and saving the opinions for people like me that are free to report with any slant I want to put on a story.

At least they still have the cap and trade tax to support. God people, if you do anything at all during the next year, get familiarized with cap and trade and realize just what that means. It sounds all warm and fuzzy to say that we're going to tax the use of petroleum fuels because we want to save the planet and all, but folks need to realize that, based on other countries that have taxes similar to this one, a lot of the money generated by the tax will just go to the general fund to be used as the government sees fit. That's crucial, because then it just becomes another tax and not a tool to actually implement change in anything.

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