Sunday, February 28, 2010


I just saw an article for a magazine printed here in Maine called 'Flannel' and I was disappointed when I saw that it was about art and artists and not every Maine woman's favorite sleep wear. I think it would be fitting to have a periodical about that and maybe throw in something for the men too. We could call it 'Rough and Fuzzy' with all the articles being about those two Maine staples; Carhartt and Flannel.

The Canadians beat the U.S. in overtime for the gold medal in olympic hockey and my congrats go to both teams for their efforts. I think it would be more fitting to have a tie breaker game as the U.S. already beat Canada last week but that's probably why I am not in charge of the olympics and others are. The U.S. goalie deserves extreme praise for the amount of shots he blocked before finally letting one get by him.

I'm watching the thermometer and hoping it dips a little tonight so we can get some sap flowing but I think I will be ready to can some off tomorrow either way.

More later.....till then.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm back...I think.

Whew, it's been a long time since I visited the old blog huh? I guess that happens when things get busy and I stop looking for things to write and bitch about. Well, I just found something to complain about again as hard as that may seem to believe.

We need a new phone in a bad way. Our phone handsets have about had it. The battery in one of them won't keep a charge and neither of them have a display that you can read anymore. Having said that I will say that both of the these phones have worked flawlessly as far as actually making and taking calls go.

So what is there to complain about? Looking at all the new phones out there as well as my own I can't help but wonder who it is exactly that designs these things? Take a look at your cordless phone and tell me if that looks like the kind of thing that was made to hold up to your ear for any length of time. Most phones are designed to look exactly like most TV remotes and I can't see talking into one of those things. These phones are uncomfortable as all hell and why? Is it because the designers think that consumers want everything to be made like tiny cell phones? When phones were corded and more full size they were at least more comfortable to hold up to your ear for more than five minutes.

I think that when we buy the next phone set, we will have a head set to go along with it because I know those are pretty comfortable and it frees the hands up for whatever.

This is a short post but I have tried to get it down and keep it flowing. I will write again soon.

Oh, by the way, I put in my maple syrup taps the other day, on 2-22-10. I put in 79 taps this year and was able to collect 40 gallons of sap the next day before the weather went to shit again. I'm curious to see what happens with the weather as this is the earliest I have ever seen taps go in. If we get a cold spike that will be fine, but if the weather just slowly warms up and the nights maintain a temp. close to the days that will be the end of it. I will be pretty bummed out if I end up with less than a gallon of syrup but I'll be glad that I got anything at all as I am almost out of the stuff.

More on the sap experience and other things next time.